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Another Pain Patient "Tortured" by the
Drug War! The Fisher Case

The Real Truth about the case of Dr. Fisher in California
 By Skip Baker, President American Society for Action on Pain

To understand the Fisher case you need some background. In early 1999 Dr. Fisher, who had been treating some of the desperate Chronic Intractable Pain Patients who were pleading with us for help, was arrested for "3 murders" that he didn't do, and thrown into Jail, along with the Druggist and his wife, Steve and Madeline Miller who had been filling a lot of Dr. Fisher's prescriptions. Other drug stores refused to help in that area, so the Millers did what they could to keep up. Much like Jerry Dannoff and his drug store in McLean Virginia who had tried to help with Dr. Hurwitz patients back in 1996. Dannoff was raided by the DEA much the same way that State Officials went after Fisher and the Millers. What the public didn't know was that Mrs. Miller had been helping the poor patients win back their rights to free pain medicine that they couldn't afford, (see additional thoughts at end) that had been illegally cut off by MediCal. First, she took some of these cases to Senator Green, the man who had written the "Pain Patients Bill or Rights" (SB-402) in California. Senator Green was outraged that these MediCal officials had cut off the poor who couldn't afford expensive pain medication, not telling them that they had the right to an appeal hearing first, and leaving them to suffer in silence. He told the State Officials they were breaking the law.  From then on they held a grudge against Mrs. Miller and sought their revenge through Abuse of Power.

I believe this is why these same State Officials went into action and charged Steve and Madaline Miller with the same "murders" they had charged Dr. Fisher with. And you too will believe it once you read this story. A judge had told the one and only pain patient that she was to always have her medicine paid for, and that under no circumstances was she to be cut off again. Within less than 30 days, those State Officials who had gotten into trouble with that judge, had Dr. Fisher and the Millers charged with the fake "murder" charges so nobody else could file for a hearing to get their pain medicine paid for! It was clearly an Abuse of Power and an Obstruction of Justice carried out by the very Justice Department that was supposed to be protecting the public, not putting it at risk!

Many of the other "torture victims" have called me on the phone for help in this same case, unable to find another doctor to take over their pain treatment, and on the verge of suicide. They all had valid spinal problems or other painful diseases that cause excruciating pain, yet Temmerman, Binkard and Lewis were able to lead the press to say that 3000 "Oxycontin addicts" were now on the street going through "withdraws".  The truth was, there were about 3000  patients total for Dr. Fisher's clinic with only one to two hundred patients that  were diagnosed with Chronic Intractable Pain or CIP, and not all of those CIP patients took Oxycontin. There was  not a single word about all these valid pain patients and their suffering in the media, and efforts were made to keep those facts from the public. They all had to find new doctors, but were treated as "addicts" now that Fisher was arrested and because they had no medical records.. the Department Of Justice had them all!  This made it very hard to "Place" those patients. By then only one of the poor patients had been able to appeal her case and get the State to pay for her medicine. The Millers had been helping these patients who had been "cut off" by the State refusing to pay for their pain medicine, by getting them to file for hearings, which then forced the State to pay for this first case.

Dr. Fisher did all he could to screen out any "addicts" so when I read the indictment I was shocked at the lies contained in it, and this case should be enough to show Congress that the Drug War needs to be stopped now before the entire nation is jailed. It's an outrageous example of how State Officials can say anything as long as the case involved "drugs" no matter what the truth is.

This is why I believe we MUST ask that Gary Binkard, Tom Temmerman and Anthony Lewis be indicted for "Attempted Murder, Torture and Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice" in California. We also need to get the World Court involved for "Crimes Against Humanity," or other States will begin to do this to innocent citizens in the name of the War On Drugs. Even the pilots stopped flying poor pain patients for fear the DEA would take their airplanes. The effects of the fake charges against Dr. Fisher and the Millers were having a devastating effect on our efforts to get CIP patients to doctors willing to treat their pain.

As I understand it, Temmerman, Binkard and Lewis are the three Attorneys General in California who were there working in the office BEFORE the present Attorney General, Mr. Bill Lockyer, came to power. He had no way of knowing how dishonest the charges against Dr. Fisher were, trumped up against him and the Millers. The case had been prepared under the Republican Administration just before the voters upset the apple cart, and replaced the Governor and Attorney General. Bill Lockyer was made a fool by his subordinates and was still unaware of it.

Temmerman, Binkard and Lewis wrote up what I feel is the outright false indictment of Dr. Fisher, claiming that he had Murdered 3 people "with malice aforethought" when he did no such thing. To charge even Mrs. Miller with these "murders" will undermine faith in the justice system of California. It turned out the truth was, one had died of "natural causes" at home in bed, with her husband saying the ONLY thing that kept her alive so long, was the loving care of Dr. Fisher. The second so called "murder" was a woman who was thrown from a pickup truck and her head split open by a telephone pole, when she was riding with her husband. The third "murder" was a man who committed suicide, evidently because he was no longer a patient of Dr. Fisher's, at the time. To make matters worse even the people in the lab run by the state were incompetent and were adding ten times to the figures from some of the blood tests, resulting in readouts that would be impossible!

As you can see, none of these deaths had anything to do with "Murder," Dr. Fisher or the Millers, the owners of the pharmacy, but because he was the only doctor with the courage to treat pain right out there in that area, the DEA and local Drug Warriors wanted to teach him a lesson and frighten other doctors into not treating pain in California By adding the pharmacies they could frighten other druggists into not filling prescriptions for doctors treating CIP patients. So I believe that Temmerman, Binkard and  Lewis worked up a "Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice" of their own, throwing the good doctor and the Millers in jail since they had the power to do that against innocent citizens, and make themselves "look good" to the Drug Lords and DEA. But I believe their greatest "motive" was the embarrassment they faced when Senator Green said they were breaking the law, and the Court Judge had condemned them for cutting off the first CIP victim, the Millers had helped get her medicine restored. After all, the indictments came down in less than 30 days of that event!

They now had Fisher and the Millers in Jail where they wanted him and put a FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLAR BAIL on Fisher's head so there'd be NO way this innocent doctor could get out! These Crimes Against Humanity in California made the RICO Act violations committed by State Officials here in Virginia look like child's play. It was obvious retaliation for Mrs. Miller's work with poor patients.

As you'll see later, the local Sheriff (Jim Pope) got involved, to not only yank Madeline off her pain medicine, thus "torturing her" in an attempt to get her to lie, but also set her up by putting a violent criminal in her pod, knowing full well she would be assaulted by this woman who was going to prison.  Jail staff filed assault charges but the District Attorney, McGregor Scott, chose to throw the charges out even though there were many witnesses, including officers from the jail. This woman never went to prison and was released from jail before Madeline Miller was. She had done her duty for her torturers and for that was rewarded. (I'll have the name of others who I feel "Joined" their conspiracy to obstruct justice later, to post publicly). The stack of documents I've got showing their lying and corruption, is three inches thick, so it will take some time to get the other names of people who lied under oath against Dr. Fisher and the Millers.

I believe this case will one day be known as THE CASE that stopped the Drug War.

As America sees how our officials can publish falsehoods against people as long as it "involves drugs" they will be alarmed enough to call for this madness to end. Already, several Congressmen have pledged their support for our efforts, and Senators Kennedy and Wyden are now aware of the CAUSED of the War Against People in Pain. They are fighting hard to defeat Senator Nickel's bill in the Senate.

All this shows my allegations that the DEA never intended to stand behind their statement made before the Federation of State Medical Boards in 1998, are true. For details see Pat's Speech.

They would have stepped in and freed Dr. Fisher and the Millers at once when all this began, if their goal indeed was to stand behind that statement in Dallas).

The public never knew that MediCal sent out a letter saying if the doctors would establish a clinic in country settings to treat the under served and poor, that higher rates could be charged for those cases. In other words, Dr. Fisher was responding to a need when he moved his clinic out there in the country to help. What he got for his efforts was an American nightmare that only the War On Drugs could produce!

What I'm going to quote here is a bit of the local lawyer's part II in his "Summary of Argument" to the court, because it is so eloquent and truthful. By lining up enough liars to tell enough lies, Temmerman, Binkard and  Lewis must have thought they'd keep them all in jail and the truth hidden, when a hearing finally came up months later. As you know in Jim's case in Tennessee, the "Drug Cops" threatened Julie with putting her innocent and pregnant daughter in jail that very night, taking away her grand kids so she wouldn't see them until grown, if she wouldn't lie under oath and say Jim was selling his pain medicine. As We The People are learning, "This Drug War turns good cops, into criminals".  Jim, whose body is cut off at the belt line with no legs, would sit with the tears rolling down his face because he didn't have enough pain medicine as it was, so the thought he'd be selling his medication was absurd. Very much like this case in California.

That's the kind of dishonesty we've got in our State Governments folks because of this Drug War, and it's why we MUST get them indicted or we will lose this great nation, now that a million service men and women have given their lives for, on the alter of Freedom. What you will see here is the first installment of the "Body of Lies" that these three Assistant Attorneys General in California put forth to jail an innocent woman, a CIP patient herself, who under went torture as a result of those lies!: ____________________

I quote Mr. Michael L. Jones, lawyer for Madeline Miller:


Defendant Madeline Miller was initially charged with there counts of murder and numerous other charges. A proposed amended complaint seeks to expand that to five counts of murder (Counts 1-5), along with conspiracy to: (a) sell, etc. controlled substances; (b) to unlawfully issue controlled substance prescriptions; (c) to commit grand theft; and (d) to submit fraudulent Medical Claims (Count 6).

She is also charged in the amended complaint with sales of controlled substances (Count 7); solicitation, encouraging, aiding, etc., a practitioner to unlawfully prescribe prescriptions (Count 8); grand theft of over $150,000 from Medical (Count 25) ; and knowingly making over $150,000 in fraudulent claims to Medical (Count 26).


A television commercial once depicted an elderly female customer who opened a huge, delicious looking hamburger bun with all the trimmings and then disappointedly exclaimed, "where's the beef?".

Here, we have just completed six weeks of prosecution presentation in the preliminary exam, which included impressive charts and graphs, experts from all over the United states, a room full of discovery, so many taped interviews that the tapes had to be sent to a professional reproduction firm to make copies, and representing an unprecedented number of man-hours of investigation.

In the end, the entire case against Madeline Miller could have been presented in a few minutes, and would still have left us asking where are the facts that support a crime?

The prosecution's own experts, some of them the best in the medical field, after having analyzed thousands of pages of selected patient's medical charts and other data, started in one direction in their testimony by criticizing Dr. Fisher's prescribing practices, and then reversed themselves after being presented with additional facts not previously provided by the prosecution.

The prosecution wants this Court to believe that her support for Dr. Fisher, resulting from her own successful treatment as a patient who suffered a crippling back injury and for ADD, and advocacy for indigent patient's rights through legal channels amount to circumstantial evidence of "acts" that endangered the life of another, and/or demonstrate a "sinister plot' to put lethal doses of medication on the street to kill people.

The prosecution seized a U-Haul truck full of documents and other "evidence" from Dr. Fisher's clinic and Shasta Pharmacy, including, we are told, thousands of patient files, prescription records, and billing documents. They conducted hundreds of interviews of patients and ex-patients of Dr. Fisher, and people in the community. They conducted undercover operations at the clinic over a period of years.

In the final analysis, what they produced were several witnesses WHO WERE PENDING PRISON SENTENCES AND RECEIVED EITHER SHORTENED JAIL TERMS, OR PROBATION WITHOUT JAIL, IN EXCHANGE FOR TESTIMONY, MOST OF WHICH WAS NOT DIRECTED AT, NOR PRODUCED A SHRED OF EVIDENCE AGAINST, MADELINE MILLER. (Emphasis Mine. Keep in mind here, that Binkard, Temmerman & Lewis were basically "paying off" these false witnesses who were criminals and letting them off, rewarding their own kind to get these lies on the record as though they were the truth. My fellow Americans, if we can't get prosecutors like that indicted and placed in prison where they belong, we will lose this great nation our Founding Fathers gave their lives for. Let's look at the rest of the lawyer's argument, where you will see more moves made by Temmerman, Binkard & Lewis to twist the truth no matter how criminal their actions looked:).

The prosecution was so desperate to build a case that they put Prop 115 hearsay testimony on, without telling the testifying officer or the defense that the witness had RECANTED HER TESTIMONY (BY SAYING SHE OUTRIGHT LIED TO THEM) AFTER GETTING OUT OF JAIL, SO THE OFFICER WOULDN'T BE TESTIFYING FALSELY: [the witness appeared in court to testify, but they sent her away].

Another "witness" was pending a six year prison term OFFER, and was given probation for cooperating with law enforcement.

Witnesses who ADMITTED to illegally giving or selling prescription medication to persons who died, were told they wouldn't be prosecuted if they would cooperate. One witness even admitted she STOLE the medication from a legitimate patient of Dr. Fisher's and gave to her uncle, who overdosed and died. The prosecution was so anxious to make their case against Dr. Fisher they told her they weren't interested in prosecuting her if she would talk to them.

Where are the citizen witnesses from all those interviewed? Why, after some 400 interviews of past and present patients, are these the only non-expert witnesses the prosecution can present?

Conspiracy requires a wrongful purpose. Madeline, they say, was motivated by greed the profit they were making from MediCal. It is the prosecution's burden to prove. But there was no evidence of profit. The prosecution put on mounds of evidence, through experts employed by MediCal, to show what MediCal paid to Shasta Pharmacy, but profit is the difference between the amount they were paid by MediCal, and the amount they paid for the drugs, minus expenses.

Not a stitch of evidence was submitted to show what Shasta Pharmacy made off the prescriptions. Why not? They have all the pharmacies records, and tons of witnesses, yet they chose not to address the issue of profit. Why not? Because profit is minuscule on a MediCal prescription which is why most pharmacies don't want to fill them and they were hoping the Court would only look at the amount MediCal paid.

Even HAD they proved there was some profit how does a private business become guilty of "Wrongful purpose" by trying to make a profit? Where is the evidence of acts that Madeline Miller did that were so dangerous, so outrageous as to go beyond ordinary business goals, and into the criminal realm? No such evidence was presented because IT DOESN'T EXIST."

(End, although Lawyer Michael Jones goes on for many pages more, showing point after point of the wrongdoing of these guys, we just don't have the space here to put it all in. I believe they were trying to make void the "Pain Patients Bill or Rights" in California, and that they were successful. After being reamed out by the Senator who wrote the bill, and having a judge rule against them, you'd think they would have gotten the message. But now that Dr. Fisher has been treated this way for trying to relieve the suffering of the poor without the truth leaking out, few doctors in California will have the courage to do the same. All the rest of the case will all be put up on my web page later, along with the evidence of the other people who also lied for Temmerman, Binkard and Lewis.  Skip).

We all need to write to the Governor of California Gray Davis, and ask that these men be brought to justice, and if someone will post the address that would help.

Can you imagine the horrible suffering that Madeline Miller went through when they refused to give her the pain medicine she needed while in Jail? Can you imagine the terror she felt when deliberately set up where the Sheriff KNEW she would be attacked, assaulted and beaten? My Fellow Americans, these "State Officials" like the ones here in Virginia, felt they could get by with these "Crimes Against Humanity" because it LOOKED LIKE it had something to do with illegal "drugs" and they KNEW that the reporters therefore at the San Francisco Chronicle, would just pick up THEIR words as though they were "the truth" and print the stories like they were facts, lying not only to the Court, but to the public at large. We cannot, we dare not, let this evil go unpunished. If we don't act in the only way we can by writing letters to the Governor out there, and by writing to Janet Reno the US Attorney General asking that this kind of corruption be weeded out, we will have no right to the Freedoms we've come to enjoy in this Nation that was once "For the People and BY the People!"

I believe that the recent assaults on the Pain Groups on the Internet is the work of the DEA and its "Cut-Outs" in an effort to stifle our voices of protest and to protect the corruption we've seen in the Fisher and Miller cases. We see what Madeline Miller got for being an advocate for those like her who suffer with severe chronic pain, and how The State tried to keep "The Truth" from the people. One day they will come for me just like they came for Madeline Miller and try to throw my exhausted body in jail too. But I've been to the mountain top, and will take the right action that I nearly took in 1996 when I saw those pain patients on the floor in agony, at the Virginia Medical Board's hearing of Dr. Hurwitz. Four of them were forced to kill themselves, one went to Dr. Kevorkian, and one died of shock over that "Action of Lies." We must be willing to put our lives on the line for the right to fight this madness. They may steal my body, but I will free my soul when they come for me, knowing that our efforts have saved the lives of countless hundreds of Pain Patients who now have access to the pain medicine they need. I'm not able to stand the kind of pain that Madeline endured when she was thrown in jail under such false charges for being a pain treatment advocate. But at least I'll go knowing that what we did uncovered some of the worst corruption this nation has ever faced. In 25 years the Drug War will be over and looked on as the Dark Ages in our history, the way Senator Joe McCarthy's work looks today. If that's NOT the way it will be in 25 years, then it will be filled with Concentration Camps and your children will be the prisoners.

May God grant us the strength and power to fight this evil Drug War that lies to the nation, until we rid the country of such falsehoods in high places. Please, today, work on your letters to the Governor of California and to Janet Reno in Washington, asking that these three men, Temmerman, Binkard & Lewis be indicted for their attempt at destroying the "Pain Patients' Bill or Rights" and crushing the truth. We have a right to expect that things contained in charges against us as citizens, aren't filled with falsehoods and testimony from criminals who are getting off free for lying, and we will lose that right if we don't act now.

Additional thoughts on this case:

Regarding a witness who recanted her statements before the Hearing: Her ex-husband was intimidated also when officers from the Attorney General's office came looking for her and they didn't know who he was. They told him to tell her that the outcome of her court proceedings for custody of her children would not go well unless she agreed to testify, the way they wanted her to!!  Her ex-husband came to court and testified in a special appearance to protest the way they use their office and power to influence completely unrelated cases to get false testimony for the prosecution.

Binkard, Lewis and Dodson still thought they had the witness scared enough to get up on the stand and lie for them, but after her ex-husband came forward, she told Binkard, Lewis and Dodson, that she wouldn't go on the stand and lie for them.  She would go on the stand and tell the truth.  That is when Binkard, Lewis and Dodson sent her away, then allowed their own officer to get up on the stand under oath with prop. 115 hearsay and lie to the courts.  The officer didn't know she was being set up by her own kind. That officer didn't know she was lying because the witness had recanted her statements.  Dr. Fisher's and the Miller's attorneys exposed Binkard, Lewis and Dodson's attempt to have this peace officer give testimony that they KNEW was FALSE!! (Dodson is the head investigator for the case)

Also, when the AG's office raided and closed Shasta Pharmacy on February 18, 1999, they had complete control and responsibility for all the narcotics inside the pharmacy as well as any that were delivered that day to the pharmacy.  Binkard and Dodson allowed one of the largest thefts in Shasta County to take place by their negligence.  On February 18, 1999, a large shipment of schedule II narcotics came to Shasta Pharmacy.  Binkard and Dodson turned the delivery away, not securing the narcotics.  This very large order was then stolen from the delivery service. Over $60,000.00 in schedule II drugs, and that is at the pharmacy's cost!  All those schedule II narcotics flooded Shasta County as "street drugs".  That also came out in the court hearings yet it's odd how the controlled media failed to cover some of these stories. The AG's office was responsible for flooding Shasta County with all the illegal drugs. When this came out in the court hearings,  it was hushed up right away by the prosecution and not a word was ever printed in the paper regarding this huge theft or the Attorney General's part in it. I believe this is an example of our "Drug Officials" making money from the Drug War, deliberately driving up the "price of drugs" by first making them hard to get, and then conducting the War On Drugs in the first place, secretly selling the drugs they collect in their so called "investigations".  Much like we've seen in so many other states. It's all the more reason that we MUST get the Governor and Janet Reno and the FBI involved in this case.

Joyce Rutan, head of the Stockton Medical drug unit, was also involved in the Attorney General's work.  She knew that her department was breaking the law for all the indigent patients that were CIP suffers that needed their pain medication. Steve and Madeline Miller took Joyce Rutan, and her key department heads in front of  State Senator Leroy Greene regarding this matter. (As seen above, Senator Greene wrote the Chronic Intractable Pain Act for California.)  Senator Greene told Joyce Rutan that she was "breaking the law" (see court transcripts/Rutan). Senator Greene told Madeline Miller to help the patients file for fair hearings because the patients were not getting adequate pain treatment by the state. The Millers also knew that the Stockton MediCal office was not following court orders from the 1990 law suit, Frank v. Kizer. MediCal was suppose to give patients "Aid Paid Pending" and not cut off any MediCal recipient from their medications until a fair hearing was conducted, regardless of what their medication was. Stockton MediCal was not informing the patients of their right to a fair hearing, and was just cutting them off their medications. The Miller's then started helping the patients fight for their rights and file hearings to get their pain medication.

While all this battle was going on, the Millers through their Shasta Pharmacy was giving the patients their medications free of charge until the matter could be resolved by the courts. So for the prosecutors to claim they were interested in "profit" in the charges against them, is such a false charge. There were approximately a hundred hearings requested.  All these hearings were turned in at one time, except for one, which was heard on January 20, 1999.  The judge that heard the case commended Dr. Fisher and the Miller's (dba Shasta Pharmacy) for the accurate record keeping and sided with this Chronic Intractable Pain patient and the Chronic Intractable Pain Act and said that this patient was never to be denied her medication by the State of California again. The judgment was given on February 3, 1999.  It set the precedent for all the other hearings that were to follow.  The patients were called by Social Services and were told their hearings could not be scheduled yet.  That no dates were available. Dr. Fisher and Shasta Pharmacy  had all the medical records for these patients.  Shasta Pharmacy had all the proof from the tars and the dates and what was said by Joyce Rutan's department why the tars and medications were being denied.  Shasta Pharmacy, the Millers, had all the proof that Stockton MediCal was breaking the Chronic Intractable Pain Act and had become targets because they were taking up for the poor. The pharmacy was raided and all records confiscated by the Attorney General's office which represents Stockton MediCal for the fair hearings. (See Dr. Fisher's and Madeline Millers court documents from attorneys and footnotes to be posted later.)

After the favorable decision on February 3, 1999 for the fair hearing, in direct retaliation from the Attorney General's office and Stockton MediCal , they raided Shasta Pharmacy and took all the patients records. Then Social Services called patients that had hearings pending and told them they might as well drop their hearing because Dr. Fisher and the Miller's (Shasta Pharmacy) were in jail for murder!  The patients that tried to attend and fight for their rights were denied their constitutional right to a just and fair hearing because they did not have their medical records, or the proof they needed, from Shasta Pharmacy to win their cases. The patients lost their cases because of lack of medical documents and records. (See court documents attorney's Pat Hallinan & Mike Jones footnotes to be posted on my web page). Joyce Rutan was quoted under oath on the stand as saying that she didn't feel she had a responsibility to notify the patients where their records were and how to obtain them, so they could support their case. (See Joyce Rutan's court transcript to be posted at my site at ASAP's website soon).

Since the Miller's were released from jail, Timmerman, Binkard and Lewis have seized their bank accounts again!  It seems that the AG's office would prefer the Millers not survive until their trial. Mr. Binkard even helped a drug supplier put liens on all the Miller's personal assets, including their bank account for the third time. His vendetta caused him to step out of his "protection" as a public official, into the private sector, helping the drug company get a writ ex parte, which even the drug company's attorney agreed was not legal when he had all the facts. Another example of the "abuse of power" and disregard for the law by these people who hold these positions in the State government of California. As you will see in the statements made by the DEA on March 17, 1998, our Drug Officials on every level, including at the top in Washington, feel that can say anything no matter how unrelated to the truth it is. Click on Federation Speech for that story from my main page.

Here are the addresses you need for writing letters in Dr. Fisher's and the Miller's cases of "murder" for revenge from the State for trying to help the poor pain patients in California. Please print out the article.

John Ashcroft, U.S. Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington DC  20530-0001
Phone 202-353-1555
email: askdoj@usdoj.gov

Bill Lockyer, Attorney General
State of California, Department of Justice
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA. 94244-2550
Phone 916-445-9555
e-mail: piu@hdcdojnet.state.ca.us

Honorable Gray Davis, Governor
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA. 95814
Phone 916-445-2841
Fax 916-445-4633
(no e-mail)

(this address is good for all 3 of these people)

Thomas A. Temmerman, Senior Assistant Attorney General

Anthony Lewis, Supervising Deputy Attorney General -State Bar #131184

Gary Binkard, Deputy Attorney General - State Bar #60587

Bureau of MediCal-Cal Fraud
1300 I Street, Suite 1540
Sacramento, CA. 95814
Phone 916-322-2899

Permission to reprint is granted if done so in full.  Skip Baker

Skip Baker, President, ASAP, American Society for Action on Pain. P.O. Box 3046, Williamsburg, VA 23187 (757) 229-1840. "ADEQUATE and Ongoing Pain Medication, for ALL who suffer"

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