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Patient Resources

Fibrobetsy has compiled a list of over 1,000 FMS literate doctors and other professionals.  Email Betsy with your brief request, give her your exact location, and include the name of the nearest larger city or town if yours is tiny.  She deals only with FMS, not CMP, CFIDS, or other invisible illnesses, although they share symptoms. 

Electronic Orange Book: Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence (all pharmacy companies that formulate by generic name).  Evaluations list all FDA approved prescription drugs, including new and generic drugs.  The Orange Book Page includes a searchable Orange Book, as well as a text version, supplements, and downloadable data files.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Drug Evaluation and ResearchSkip navigation has information on New Prescription Drug Approvals, Prescription Drug Information, Major Drug Information Pages, Consumer Drug Information, Over-the-Counter Drug Information, Drug Safety & Side Effects, Clinical Trials Information and more.

At PhRMA you can search by disease/disorder or medication.  There is also a Directory of Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs at this web site.

RxFactStat Medication Information Now gives information on new drugs that are being researched, plus Medical Dictionaries, Drug Interactions, Medication Databases and more.

Weather.com helps you keep up on weather factors that could affect how you feel.  Get the Aches & Pains forecast for your own zip code.

Survey on Living Independently with A Disability under a grant by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) to determine how well people with disabilities are able to live independently and participate in their communities.

Media Resource Guide for CFS, FMS, MCS awareness activities.

Information about Medications by Devin Starlanyl.  Medications are one way you can gain some control over your symptoms. They may enable you to handle a greater amount of bodywork and exercise, and can be used to restore greater levels of function.

FibroDocs  A site run by doctors with FMS. A discussion board is available and a lot of departments to find answers. Here is their opening blurb:  "We are here with our team of experts to answer your questions and provide information about Fibromyalgia. All of our columnists are experts in their field of expertise and each of us has Fibromyalgia".

Dr. David Posen  Dealing with stress is an integral part of managing your health and Dr. Posen, noted author, family physician and Internet columnist has written insightful, informative Stress Management and Lifestyle articles. You will find many of these articles on this site.

Chronic Pain Solutions  A News Guide for those suffering with Chronic Conditions Linking Traditional and Natural Medical Care.

MCS: Health & Environment  Many MCS sufferers improve with treatment and attention to their environments and lifestyles. However, managing MCS can be complex, difficult, and isolating for sufferers without a good support network.  This site is one of many resources that can help you chart your own course to better health, and to feel the support of a community of people who understand your experiences. 
Download their brochurewith

FMS Medical Evaluation Form  When filing for Disability with the Social Security Administration, print this form, take it to your Physician and have it filled out.  If you have retained the services of a Disability Attorney, please discuss this form BEFORE mailing it to SSA.

Online discussion groups for people with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Letter to "Normals" – people who don't have FM.  This letter is substantially based on Bek Oberin's Open Letter To Those Without CFIDS.  It was modified for FMS/MPS.

Managing your housework with Chronic Pain We all do it, come out of a flare, feel good for a few days and then over do things. Here are a few tips to manage your work load while preventing a major flare.

Chronic Pain email list.  A support resource for adults with problems resulting in chronic physical pain with an emphasis on helping cope and 'having a life.'  Conditions that create chronic pain can include, but are not limited to arthritis, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), FMS (fibromyalgia syndrome), Cancer, RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), back and other skeletal problems, and others.  To subscribe, click here.  For information, write us.

Information on Restless Leg Syndrome from Yahoo! Health

Remedyfind is an independent, unbiased site where you can rate the effectiveness of treatments for specific health problems.  Our goal is to serve as a community where our collective, real-life health wisdom can be pooled, thus saving time, energy and money as we cope with and eventually conquer debilitating illnesses.

Drug Interaction Checker  Drug interactions can result in unwanted side effects or prevent a medicine from doing its job. Find out if your medicines interact with each other. Create a list of the products you use. Include prescription medicines, nonprescription medicines, herbs, vitamins, and supplements. We'll also check for interactions with alcohol, food, and tobacco.

PBS Wants To Hear From You.  What are your experiences with chronic illness? Are you stricken with chronic condition or are you caring for someone who is? Perhaps you have a relative or friend who wrestles with the day-to-day problems and dilemmas posed by these vexing diseases.  If so, we want to invite you to share your experiences with the readers of this website. What are your struggles living day-to-day with chronic illness? How has the health care system met – or NOT met – your needs? What has worked for you in your community? Send your story to us and we'll post it in "Your Stories."  




The goal of the Chemical Injury Awareness pin project is to heighten awareness and to educate the public regarding the adverse health impacts of environmental degradation, outdoor/indoor air pollution, and the pervasive use of toxic chemicals in commerce, most of which have not been tested for health/life safety or long-term, low-level effects.

How to Start a Support Group  While there is no one recipe for starting a group in your community (different national groups rely on different models), we have listed a few ideas you may find helpful.

Bedroom Talk is the place for you to ask questions about any problems you may have with how illness has affected your sexual and intimate relationships.

The Question of Donating Blood  There has been much ethical debate concerning people with CIND conditions donating blood. 

Environmed Research Inc. is dedicated to the helping people find solutions for common health problems. You will find here a rich source of nutritional and environmental information.  Take advantage of the 800 pages of text which describe the most common health problems related to diet, nutrition, allergy and environmental problems.

The River – CFIDS/CFS/M.E., FMS, GWS International Directory of Support Groups and links to many other sites.

CDC Listing of U.S. Support Groups.

Co-Cure's Good Doc List is a collection of listings of doctors who have been recommended by and for CFS/CFIDS/FM patients.  The physicians are listed on separate pages by country and state/province/region and, within each page, by city.

CFIDS/Fibromyalgia Self-Help is a non-profit organization that offers low-cost self-help courses over the Internet and other resources for people with CFIDS, fibromyalgia and related illnesses.  The focus is on empowering patients through teaching scientifically-proven coping strategies in a structured, positive, supportive setting.

The Medicine Program provides help with accessing free medications.  Our function, in cooperation with the physician, is to assist patients who may qualify to enroll in one or more of the many patient assistance programs now available. These programs provide prescription medicine free-of-charge to individuals in need, regardless of age, if they meet the sponsor's criteria.

Pharmweb  The first pharmaceutical portal on the Internet has developed into an invaluable directory of information, including a library of archives from over 100 moderated discussion forums.  Look up your medications in this large database.

RX List  Search for information on more than 4,500 popular drugs written in plain English and more than 3,000 in plain Spanish.

Winning Your Social Security Disability Claim  15 Mistakes You Can Not Afford to Make!

National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives  Frequently asked questions .

The Invisible Disabilities Advocate  Do your loved ones have a difficult time understanding your illness, because to them you "look fine"?  IDA's publications help friends and family see the courage and determination it takes to live with a disabling illness, amidst the challenges, frustrations and losses!


Natural Products

The Green Marketplace  Want to reduce toxins, pollution, waste, and cruelty? Start by shopping smarter and greener! Our market makes it easy for you to find truly healthy, earth-friendly alternatives that make a difference. Learn more about why green shopping is so vitally important.

Real Goods  Products (healthy lifestyle, outdoor home, indoor home, library and office, gifts and toys) for an ecologically sustainable future.

The Earth Shop offers quality earth friendly, nature themed, socially conscious, and inspirational products to be enjoyed by people of all ages. In one way or another, each of our products creates awareness and appreciation of the earth, is recycled or recyclable, is renewable or biodegradable, is handcrafted, or introduces ideas, inspiration, or information into the lives of our customers.

Gaiam is a provider of information, goods and services to customers who value the environment, a sustainable economy, healthy lifestyles, alternative healthcare and personal development.  Simple choices, natural connections.

At Ethical Shopper we strive to provide the most environmentally and socially responsible array of products available on the web, to educate consumers about responsible product ingredients and manufacturing, and to empower consumers to use their purchasing power to make a difference.

Childsake strives to offer quality products, most of which deal with themes of nature and the environment. Many are made from natural materials – some are even organic.

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