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Experimental Vaccines / Adjutants / Squalene:

-During the GW Era, experimental vaccine(s) with equally experimental adjuvant(s) were administered. At least one of the vaccines given contained a highly experimental synthesized polymer adjuvant known as squalene. It has been reported, the same adjuvant was used in, at least, several lots / batches of the anthrax vaccine recently being given. And the most recent malaria vaccine being administered is reported to contain squalene as an adjuvant.

-Natural squalenes, as found in food sources, ingested and digested are changed to sterols in our bodies and are not normally problematic, nor do they produce anti-bodies to squalene. Digestion somehow creates the molecular changes / conversions, modifying the squalene into useful sterols.

-Laboratory synththetic polymer (processed) squalene, for vaccine adjuvants, differs somewhat in composition and greatly in body reactivity.

-Adjuvant activity is enhanced by the addition of other adjuvants, (e.g.. MDD, MTPE, Etc.) and, to some extent, by the processing itself.

-Body reactivity and antibody production comes primarily as a result of route of administration other than oral ingestion / digestion. To administer IV, IM, SQ is not natural and does not convert and assimilate squalene into sterols. It appears this un-natural administration establishes the ability to produce immune antibody reactivity to squalene.

-The molecular weight of squalene is 410.71 Large molecule and is C30H50 Identified as Hexamethyltetracosane. The polymer squalene is double bonded and generally unstable.

-Squalene, as an adjuvant, is capable of initiating antibody production to itself and initiating autoimmune disease, both neurological and rheumatological, by itself. The addition of the derivatives (MDD, MTPE, Etc) of mycobacterial cell walls enhances these effects.

-In oral ingestion/digestion route, the mucosal epithelium of the intestines modifies the squalene as it is absorbed from food materials into sterols and other molecular structures to which the body does not generate immune reactions.

-Injected squalene is not seen as normal by the immune system, hence, it does initiate immune reactivity to itself. The body synthesizes squalene in the Golgi apparartus of hepatocytes and is further processed into chylomicrons covered by lipoproteins containing triglycerides and cholesterol esters, considered to be poorly immunogenic molecules. Antibodies to cholesterol have been generated only by the addition of lipid A as an adjuvant or by the injection of silicone or silicone oil intraperitoneally (indicating its ability to act as an adjuvant and initiate autoimmunity). PB/DU/Chemicals-Insecticides, etc.

-I think it important to mention here, that not all got the same vaccines/adjuvants. It is also important to note that not all were deployed, but large numbers of non-deployed are ill with GWS illnesses.

-Equally important, for those who were deployed, not all were exposed to all of the same environmental contaminants, e.g.; DU, chemicals & insecticides, oil well fires, etc.

-Use of PB tabs is of significant concern. Probably more deployed, ingested PB tabs than were exposed to all of the environmental contaminants.

-DU exposure is also of very serious consideration, especially where quantities entered and continue to reside in the body.

-There are many possible equations for those who deployed, but only one common denominator, for the largest numbers, of both deployed and non- deployed. That was the use of experimental vaccines/adjuvants. It is interesting to note, the DOD continues to vehemently deny use of same, even in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary.

I hope this is of some help. Best wishes to you and your loved ones.


Rick Shuster
Viet Nam Era Vet
Father of 3 GW Era Vets

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